UV Hybrid NeoNail Cat Eye 5D - Persian Expand

6586 Singapura NeoNail UV Hybrid 7,2ml

NeoNail NeoNail


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Volume: 7,2ml

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Hybrid from NeoNail - something for everyone!

Thanks to NeoNail's vast assortment of hybrid nail polishes there will always be something to suit your needs, no matter the occasion! This time we are happy to present NeoNail Hybrid Cat Eye 5D - Singapura!

NeoNail Cat Eye 5D - a unique look!

NeoNail Cat Eye collection is a very unique line-up of nail polishes from NeoNail. Now with four more colours with their new sub-collection Cat Eye 5D! Thanks to magnetic particles and a special CAT EYE magnet from NeoNail you can achieve the beautiful cat eye effect. Not only that, you can change how this effect looks at all times thanks to the CAT EYE magnet!

Hybrid nail polish from NeoNail - always the right choice.

NeoNail is known for high quality and relatively low price of their products and it is no different with their Cat Eye seriesGive yourself a fresh, trendy and unique look for long weeks thanks to NeoNail's hybrid nail polishes.

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