NeoNail Base Extra Cover 7ml

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Colour: Pink

Volume: 7ml

Opacity: Full Coverage

Type: Base

Density: Very Thick

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Base Extra Cover is a very thick, full coverage base to be used under colour hybrid nail polish. Thanks to its beige-pink colour it's a perfect base for bright colours of hybrids.

With this product not only will you extend and model your nails, but you will give your nails a nice natural colour as well.

This base is also great for creating french manicure or "Babyboomer", because you don't need to apply any colour hybrid thanks to the base's colour. All you need to do it apply the white tips and some top!

Thanks to Base Extra Cover you will:

- manicure lasting for up to 35 days,

- cover any imperfections of the nail plate,

- get a great base for any bright and pastel colours,

- extend your nails for up to 7mm,

- build your nails while keeping the necessary "C shape"

- create french manicure without the need to use any colour hybrids.

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