UV Hybrid Semilac Sharm Effect Turquoise 627

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UV hybrid from Semilac - something for every occasion!

Thanks to Semilac's vast assortment of UV hybrid nail polishes there always will be something to suit your needs, no matter the occasion! This time we are happy to present Semilac Shram Effect Turquoise 627.

Shram Effect - a "melting" stylisation!

Do you want to achieve that stunning shram effect on your  nails? With this collection you can achieve that with ease! In addition to the 18 different colours the Shram Effect series includes special bases as well. Classic bases won't allow for your favourite colour of Semilac Shram Effect nail polish to "melt" into the base, which is what creates that desirable shram effect. The bases come in two colours; white and  transparent, so choose the one that will fit your vision of perfect manicure!

Hybrid nail polish from Semilac - always the right choice.

Semilac is known for high quality and relatively low price of their products and it is no different with their Shram Effect series. Give yourself a fresh, trendy and unique look for long weeks thanks to Semilac's hybrid nail polishes.

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