002 UV Hybrid Semilac Delicate French 7ml Expand

002 UV Hybrid Semilac Delicate French 7ml

Semilac Semilac


Volume: 7ml
Colour: Pink
Expiration date: 12 months after opening
Condition: New
Coverage: Full

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UV hybrid from Semilac - something for every occasion!

Semilac UV Hybrid is Semilac's original collection of hybrid nail polishes. Semilac Hybrid Nail Polish has the attributes of both UV Gel and classic nail polish. They're available in 189 vibrant and beautiful colours. Because of how big this collection is you are sure to find something to suit your needs! Maybe 002 Semilac UV Hybrid Delicate French is the one you're looking for?

Semilac UV Hybrid Colour - best of both worlds!

In order to create perfect manicure you need to prepare the nail plate. Nail plates need to be mated and cleared. Apply a thin layer of Semilac UV Hybrid Colour on a hardened layer of Semilac Base and the cure under an UV/LED Lamp. Semilac UV Hybrid Colour can be applied multiple times if you wish to achieve a more intense colour. After that's done apply a layer of Semilac Top and cure under an UV/LED Lamp again.

Hybrid nail polish from Semilac - always the right choice.

Semilac is known for high quality and relatively low price of their products and it is no different with their original Colour collection. The manicure lasts for up to three weeks and is highly resilient to chipping and smudging.Give yourself a fresh, trendy and unique look for long weeks thanks to Semilac's hybrid nail polishes.

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