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H905 Soft Lavender Semilac UV Hybrid Nail Polish 7ml OUTLET

Semilac Semilac


Condition: New
Volume: 7 ml
Type: Cover
Color: Violet

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Semilac Beauty Salon combines the best from UV gels and classic nail polishes. Meticulous design process and high pigmentation allows for high quality stylisations with perfect coverage.



Shape the nail plate with the use of a Semilac 100/180 Nail File, use a shining block Semilac to mat the surface of the nail plate and the use a brush with soft brittle to remove any residual nail dust. After that wipe the nail plate with Semilac's Nail Cleaner and apply a thin layer of a non-acid Primer to improve the adhesiveness of the nail plate. Wait for the nail plate to be completely dry before moving to the next step.


Apply a thin layer of a base of your choosing, be sure to cover the free edge of the nail plate, and cure under a lamp. Curing time depends on the lamp and base used.


It's time to apply the color hybrid. Start with a thin layer and cure it under a lamp. If you wish to make to color richer and deeper you can apply more layers, but each layer has to be cured under a lamp.


Finally it's time to apply the top of your choosing. If you're not using a “No Wipe” top wipe the nail plate with a Nail Cleaner. The very last step is to use manicure oils.



Lightly mat the nail plate by using a nail file or a shining block.


Soak cosmetic pads or Semilac Wraps with Acetone or Remover. Wrap up the nail with previously prepared pads or wraps - Semilac Nail Clips can be used to keep everything in place – and wait for about 15 minutes.


Remove the softened and partially dissolved hybrid with the use of plastic Semilac Striper, metal Semilac Pusher or by using wooden manicure sticks. At the very end even out the nail plate with Semilac's Shiner Block.


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