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NeoNail 6637 Silky Touch UV Hybrid 7,2ml OUTLET

NeoNail NeoNail



Colour: Violet

Finish: Thermo

Coverage: Full

Collection: Thermo by Dawid Woliński

Catalogue number: 6637-7

Volume: 7,2ml

Expiration date: 12 months after opening

EAN: 5903274045058

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The Thermo Collection by Dawid Woliński is made out of nine pastel thermal hybrids, that change colors with the change of temperature!

Signed with the name of the most famous polish designer these hybrids represent the explosion of colors and emotions that accompany us each spring season!

Only thanks to the thermal hybrid nail polish will you achieve the pastel ombre effect with such ease! It's the most trendy look this season!

Available colors:

Glossy Satin (6631) - peachy pink

Delicate Lace (6632) - dark pink

Brilliant Tulle (6633) - dark pink

Flossy Velvet (6634) - lavender pink

Smooth Velour (6635) - warm dark purple

Soft Cashmere (6636) - purple-blue

Silky Touch (6637) - purple-blue

Light Chiffon (6638) - pistachio-willow green

Creamy Silk (6639) - olive green

Step by Step instructions:

1. Lightly matte the nail plate with a buffer block.

2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure it under a 48W LED Lamp or a 36W UV Lamp. Refer to the curing time tables online.

3. Apply a thin layer of the hybrid of your choosing and cure under an UV/LED Lamp again (the darker the color the longer the curing time). If you're not satisfied with the richness of the color then repeat this step.

4. Apply a thin layer of HARD TOP for added protection and gloss. Again, cure under an UV/LED Lamp and wipe the nail with some cleaner after you're done.

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