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6313 Sandy Glow NeoNail UV Hybrid 7,2 ml

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Volume: 7,2ml

Condition: New

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Hybrid from NeoNail - something for everyone!

Thanks to NeoNail's vast assortment of hybrid nail polishes there will always be something to suit your needs, no matter the occasion! This time we are happy to present Sandy Glow - Think Blink! NeoNail 7,2ml

Think Blink! from NeoNail - spectacular glimmer!

Sparkling, twinkling glimmer - each of the five hybrids from the "Think Blink!" is full of tiny flecks of glitter.

Summer shine in a small bottle, perfect for accenting your summer look!

Shining reflections are what every summer stylization needs! Every hybrid from this collection will give your nails that spectacular blink!

Hybrid nail polish from NeoNail - always the right choice.

NeoNail is known for high quality and relatively low price of their products and it is no different with their Think Blink! Collection. Give yourself a fresh, trendy and unique look for long weeks thanks to NeoNail's hybrid nail polishes.

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