Eko-higiena Non-woven Perforated Towel 70x50 cm BLACK Expand

50pcs 70x50 cm Eko-higiena Non-woven Perforated Towel BLACK



Size: 70x50 cm

Colour: Black

Quantity: 50 pieces per package

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Eko-higiena - disposable products for all your cosmetic needs.

Eko-higiena has been on the market for years and has provided a number of high quality disposable products used by cosmetic studios, hairdressers and so on. We're offering one of their products, Eko-higiena Non-woven Perforated Towel 70x50 cm BLACK.

Non-woven Perforated Towels.

Non-woven perforated towels are extremely useful in hairdressing and cosmetic procedures. They're efficient, absorptive, durable and don't irritate the skin. Towels are packed in foil, 50 pieces each.


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