Fragrance Oil Chimney Burner STEEL 1 White Nr 101 Expand

Fragrance Oil Chimney Burner STEEL 1 White

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Height: 11 cm

Width: 10 cm

Depth: 10 cm

Coverage: 60 m²

Fragrance Oil Chimney Burners from the STEEL series are an elegant addition to any house. Made from the steel of highest quality, painted  with shiny lacquer, with a porcelain tray for volcanic rocks thanks to which your place will be filled with a beautiful scent of your choosing! 

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This set includesFragrance Oil Chimney Burner STEEL 1 Whiteporcelain tray for volcanic rocks18 tealight candles and an aromatic oil of your choice which lasts for up to 90 days!

Keep in mind that only our tealights assure correct functioning of our burners!

Our tealights guarantee:

  •  a big flame,
  •  the right temperature,
  •  a long burning time.

Directions for use:

  1. Take out and assemble the Fragrance Oil Chimney Burner.
  2. Empty the volcanic rocks from one bag onto the porcelain tray.
  3. Drop 10 - 15 droplets of your fragrance oil on the volcanic rocks. This amount will be sufficient to fill out your place with a pleasant aroma. Using more oil might damage the porcelain tray.
  4. Position the tealight under the tray with volcanic rocks and light it. Remember to not leave any matches on the candle.
  5.  After a while, when the rocks reach the right temperature, they will release the scent of your fragrance oil.

If you want to use a new oil, put out the candle and wait for the volcanic rocks to cool off. Put the rocks in their original bag, clean out the tray with piece a dry cloth and put new volcanic rocks on it. Be sure to use different rocks for each fragrance oil.


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