NEON UV Hybrid Nail Powder ABA Group Purple 11

Colour: Purple

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NEON UV Pigment Nail Powder ABA Group

Intensive Powder Nail Pigments in neon shades, which glows in UV light! Even in normal daylight the colours are already bright and vibrant. There are 12 colours available, so you're sure to find something for yourself! The powders can be freely mixed to achieve unique stylisations, so be sure to experiment yourself! Mix with white hybrids to get the best effect. To be applied on the dispersion layer.


Do not apply the pigment directly on the nail plate, keep away from children, always wear a protective mask and gloves.


1. Prepare the nail plate the same way you would for hybrid manicure,

2. Apply the base and cure it under UV/LED light,

3. Apply desired colour of the hybrid and cure again,

4. Gently apply the powder (you can use the ombre sponge),

5. Apply a no wipe top and cure for the last time.

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