With this post you will learn how to properly apply hybrid nail polishes, so your hybrid stylisations will last for much longer. People tend to make mistakes during the application and preparation, making the nail polish not adhere correctly. Thanks to correct application hybrid stylisations can last for up to three weeks, and if not for natural nail growth it could last for much longer!

This post will try to answer all your possible questions about how to correctly apply hybrid nail polishes, so you can enjoy your stylish nails for longer. For example:

Why are hybrid nail polishes coming of in patches?

Why do hybrid nail polishes chip?

What are the mistakes to avoid when applying hybrid nail polishes?

Incorrectly prepared nail plate.

For the hybrids to stick to the nail plate you need to prepare it right.

First of all, you need to push away the cuticles with the use of wooden manicure sticks or cuticle pushers. Use cuticle cutters, remover gels or creams if necessary.

Next, shape your nail plate with the use of a nail file. Then mat the nail plate with a buffer block.

Finally, wipe the nail plate with a dust-free cotton swab that has been soaked in a cleaner.

Oily nail plate.

Hybrid nail polishes can peel off because of oily nail plate, so be sure to remember to:

Wipe the nail plate with a dust-free cotton swab that has been soaked in a cleaner.

If that doesn't completely degrease the nail plate use a primer.

Avoid using any skin oils or creams before hybrid nail polish application.

Flooded cuticles.

Hybrids tend to spill over the cuticles if they're not removed or pushed away correctly. To avoid this:

Make sure to push away, or remove cuticles before application of hybrid nail polishes.

In case of the nail polish spilling over the cuticles during application, remove the excess nail polish from the cuticles with a manicure stick.

It's possible to use special gum that will protect your cuticles from getting flooded during application.

Applying too much of the hybrid at once.

Applying too much of the product at once might lead to the hybrids to not stick or fall off. To avoid this:

Apply thin layers of the hybrid. It is better to apply 2-3 thin layers instead of one thick layer.

Taking too long when applying hybrid nail polishes.

Waiting too long before curing your nails under an UV/LED lamp might lead to the hybrids to spill over the cuticles. To avoid this:

Cure each of the nails individually. Feel free to increase the amount of nails you cure at the same time as you get more experience with hybrid stylisations.

Insecure free edge of the nail plate.

When applying bases, colors and tops be sure to paint over the free edge of the nail plate, to avoid creating any latching points.

Curing the nails for too long or too short.

Be sure to follows the curing table provided by the manufacturer of the hybrids. Both too long or too short of a curing time might lead to the hybrids not sticking properly.

Expired or low quality hybrid nail polish.

Most, if not all, hybrid nail polishes have an expiration date of about 12 months.

Thin or damaged nail plate.

Thin or damage nail plate might lead to the hybrids not sticking properly. Be sure to properly take care of your nails before application of any hybrid nail polish.

Weak or damaged lamp.

Lamp that has been used up, damage or one that is simply not powerful enough might lead to the nail polish not curing properly, which in turn leads to it falling off. If possible exchange the light source in your lamp from time to time.

To find out if your lamp is powerful enough for the curing method you're using refer to the curing tables provided by any reputable hybrid nail polish manufacturer.

To sum up:

How to extend how long your hybrid stylisations can last for.

  • Correct preparation of the nail plate.
  • Secure and not flooded cuticles.
  • Apply thin layers.
  • Secure exposed edge of the nail.
  • Cure for the time specified in curing tables provided by the hybrid nail polish manufacturer.
  • Do not use expired hybrid nail polishes.

In addition to this. Do not do anything else when applying hybrid nail polishes, as it might contaminate the nail plate or the hybrids.

If you follow these guidelines you will find out that your hybrid stylisations last for much longer, without any peeling or chipping :)