Duo Acrylgel NeoNail French Pink 15g

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Colour: Pink

Weight: 15g

Opacity: Half transparent

Density: Very Thick

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NeoNail Duo Acrylgel is a brand new products that will revolutionise the world of manicure. This new innovative formula combines the durability of acrylics with lightness and flexibility of gels.

Duo Acrylgel guarantees:

- thick density - doesn't spill

- the ability to extend and model nail

- long-lasting stylisations - nails are resistant to chipping and other damage

- application with stencils

- ease of use - cured under LED lamps

- no unpleasant smell

- five different colours in two volumes - 7 and 15g

The Professional Duo Acrylgel is a lot easier and faster to apply than regular gels thanks to its thicker consistency. After the nails start growing back you can just fill in the gaps after getting rid of the colour hybrid nail polish.

All of the Duo Acrylgel products are great for creating french manicure.

Keep in mind that NeoNail Duo Acrylgel is intended for professional use. Take part in NeoNail's training courses to learn how to extend and model nails like a professional.

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