ABA Group 100/180 Half-moon Shiner Premium Expand

ABA Group 100/180 Sweet MINI Half-moon Shiner

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Professional double sided shiner for working with and preparing nail plates. Foam shiner reinforced with a plastic plate to guarantee stability and precision when working on nails. Perfect for matting natural nail plate and getting rid of any imperfections created when putting on gel or acryl mass. The shiner is soft and elastic enough for precise yet comfortable work. Two gradations, 100/180 and 180/240. Gradation 100/180 is great for light filing, while 180/240 is great for getting rid of any scratches or marks left by shiners/nail files with lower gradations.

- Great for shaping up acryl or gel mass,

- Quick matting of the nail plate,

- Easy way to prepare the nails for further treatment,

- Universal and agronomical shape,

- Made from high quality materials.


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